“Finally, nice weather ahead: Capt. Mike & MyKeysTours are back in action!!

As the winds of change sweep away the remnants of bad weather, a sense of anticipation hangs in the air in the Florida Keys. The stormy days are behind us, and the turquoise waters are calling out to those eager to embark on your private charter.

With January fast approaching, the private charters with Capt. Mike are becoming the talk of the town. The calendar is filling in quickly. The promise of a personalized experience awaits those who choose Capt. Mike & MyKeysTours of Islamorada. To catch a glimpse of the adventures that await, check out MyKeysTours on Instagram at @mykeystours

If you are on Facebook? Join the Islamorada Sandbar Group, this page is run by Christine and Gary Davis. Here you will find everything happening in the Upper Keys/Islamorada. Best Facebook group for planning your trip to Islamorada and the Florida Keys.

As the excitement builds and the sun-kissed days are starting to get longer, securing your spot with Capt. Mike & MyKeysTours is your go to choice. Don’t let the opportunity slip away; visit their website at mykeystours.com to reserve your private charter. January is just around the corner, and the Florida Keys are ready to welcome you back with open arms. Embark on a journey with the top captain and private charter business in the Upper Keys/Islamorada and let the magic of the Florida Keys and Islamorada unfold before you. Capt. Mike & MyKeystours look forward to taking you and your family out for a day on the water that will be the highlight of your trip. Capt. Mike

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