Holiday Ecotours at the Islamorada Sandbar with Capt. Mike & MyKeysTours of Islamorada

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by embarking on a unique and unforgettable adventure in the Florida Keys? If you’re searching for an extraordinary experience, look no further than the Islamorada sandbar with Capt. Mike of MyKeysTours. Get ready to unwrap the magic of this tropical paradise during the most wonderful time of the year!
A Tropical Wonderland:
The Islamorada sandbar is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Florida Keys. This picturesque location is known for its crystal-clear waters, pristine white sand, and vibrant marine life. Capt. Mike, your expert guide from MyKeysTours, will take you on a journey through this tropical wonderland, providing insights into the area’s rich history and ecosystems.
Capt Mike & MyKeysTours is committed to sustainable and responsible ecotourism. Capt. Mike is not just a seasoned captain; (former Veteran of the United States Coast Guard 20 plus years) he’s a passionate environmentalist dedicated to showcasing the beauty of the Florida Keys while preserving its delicate ecosystem. During your holiday ecotour, you’ll have the chance to witness marine life in its natural habitat, from colorful coral reefs to playful dolphins and majestic sea turtles. Perhaps a manatee or even our sandbar friendly stingrays. Meet Stumpy our stingray with no tail.
Holiday Cheer on the Water:
Picture yourself sipping a refreshing beverage while basking in the warm Florida Keys sun, surrounded by the gentle lapping of waves against our beautiful 26 foot SeaFox. Capt. Mike’s tours are not just about exploration; they’re a celebration of the holiday season in paradise. Whether you’re a family looking for a festive outing or a group of friends seeking a unique way to toast to the season, an ecotour with Capt. Mike and MyKeysTours of Islamorada is the perfect way to infuse your holidays with cheer.
Unforgettable Memories. The Islamorada sandbar is more than just a destination; it’s a sandy underwater oasis for creating memories that will last a lifetime. Read the countless reviews from past guests, see what they have to say? With Capt. Mike as your guide, you’ll have the opportunity to snorkel, swim, and relax in the pristine surroundings of the Islamorada sandbar. Bring your holiday spirit and a sense of adventure as you explore the beauty that makes the Florida Keys a world-class destination. Paddleboarding, Frisbee, Skipball or just mingling with the other sandbar guests makes this a must do while vacationing in Islamorada.
Book Your Holiday Ecotour:
Ready to unwrap the magic of the Florida Keys this holiday season? Head to to book your ecotour with Capt. Mike & MyKeysTours of Islamorada. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a water lover, or someone simply looking for a unique way to celebrate the holidays, Capt. Mike & MyKeysTours of Islamorada promises an experience that will leave you with cherished memories and a newfound appreciation for the breathtaking beauty of the Florida Keys. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your holidays truly an extraordinary adventure while your on your vacation. Capt. Mike


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